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TV & Film Placement Gallery

Legacies Ep 214-
Song Morning Blue

Comedian's In Cars Getting Coffee- Jerry Seinfeld
Song- Fernando's Friend

The Voice- Alicia Keys
Fernando's Friend

HBO's The Undoing
Song Winter Beach

Amazing World of Gumball-
Song- A Sweet Sorrow

Jasper & Errol's First Time -  Song - Jive Walking

In The Dark -  Song - Pretty Girl in the Piazza

Most Expensivest - Chainz
Song - I Saw Her There

Chicago Justice
Song When You're Here

Ghosted -
Song - A Beautiful Time

Evil Things- Agatha and the Honeymoon
Song - A New Day

Graves - Song - A Chance of Snow Tonight

My Crazy Ex- Girlfriend- Song - My Chardonnay

Younger -  Song. Look My Way

Small Title


Hallmark    Movies

With Love - Christmas  song Play The Song Again

Let's Be Real ( Fox TV). song She Is Stunning

The Originals   song Dry Martini

The Convenient Groom.  song A New Day

Dynasty ( CW).  Song Ferando's Friend
Hemlock Grove - song. Butterfly Kisses
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